S. L. Tibrewala


Dear Dr. Sonal,
I would like to mention that over past several years I have had all kinds of treatments for myself and my wife at All Smiles Dental Clinic. I have had fillings, Extractions, Root Canals, Implants etc and since I have been having my treatment at Dr. Sonal’s clinic I have left the decisions regarding proper treatment to her since I feel she is very confident and her strategy of treatment is well appreciated since she tries her best to go to the root cause and cure it permanently rather than only temporary.
Dr. Sonal is very good at her work and is always approachable and accommodative to adjust the timings which is very convenient for persons like me who travel a lot.
I truly wish I had been in touch with her before I actually did so that may problems related to my teeth would be treated early and prevented damage which is more difficult and troublesome to address.
My wife joins me in wishing all the best to Dr. Sonal her team at All Smiles Dental Clinic.



My experience at Dr Sonal Malguria's clinic, All Smiles, was indeed a pleasant one. I had my root canal done there. Dr Sonal is very good at dentistry with a stable experienced hand and sound knowledge. She is honest in advising treatment and brings in a lot of warmth during the consultation process. She remains approachable when ever required, even post treatment. Even my kids enjoyed dental treatment done by Dr Sonal. Kids found her very loving and joyous. She knows very well to deal with kiddo patients too. She will go a long way in her profession. I strongly recommend her.

Payal Nayar


Dr Sonal Malguria Bhasin is a very talented & professional dentist, she is good in her work and extremely dedicated to the wellbeing of the patient. I was visiting Mumbai for a short trip & she managed to do two root canal procedures including fitting the crown in record time. She even opened her clinic only for me on a Sunday. I am extremely scared of dentists & any kind of dental procedures but Sonal put all my fears to rest with her gentle manner & high patience levels. I would recommend her to everybody who needs to visit a dentist.

Kamala Raghavan

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of a dentist is pain but Dr Sonal Malguria is one such dentist who proved this wrong. I happen to go to her in severe pain caused due to a broken filling. Not only did she attend to me without an appointment, she gave me all possible treatment options.
A root canal treatment that was painless due to her being extremely sensitive to my pain tolerance level. She puts you at ease with her friendly demeanor and goes beyond the doctor patient relationship to ensure the patient is extremely at ease while undergoing treatment. I would certainly recommend her not only because of her valuable years of experience but also because she’s a wonderful person.

Anahita Dalal

I  have a patient of Dr. Sonal's ever since she started her clinic. Over the years as i have had more and more work done by Dr. Sonal my faith in her abilities has grown immensely. I trust her completely as she explains treatment choices every step of the way and  helps the patient make informed decisions. She never suggests unnecessary, expensive treatments unlike other dentists. All the same i find that she takes pains to keep abreast with the latest developments in the field of dentistry and is contantly upgrading the equipment in her clinic. 

A few years ago i moved to Bangalore. I tried several dentists there but was unable to find someone who had the same caring nature and gentle hand as Dr. Sonal. So I still continue to do most of my dental work with her when i come to Mumbai (unless ofcourse it is very urgent).

Thank you Dr. Sonal for looking after my teeth and teaching me how to keep my own teeth healthy.

Leena Bhasin

All Smiles Dental Clinic is a one stop clinic for all dental problems. I have an excellent personal experience over here. My daughter aged 5 has also got many procedures done over here right from normal fillings to root canals and fluoridation due to severe tooth decay. Everything was done emphatically and smoothly. Excellent services! No more problems exist. We are really 100% satisfied with the treatments. Thanks ALL SMILES!